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viernes, 23 de septiembre de 2011

Elvis Presley - This Is Living By DJ. Ethan.

Sound And Video Edit DJ Ethan

Kid Galahad is a 1962 musical film starring Elvis Presley as a boxer. The film was released by United Artists. The film opened at #9 at the box office when released in the United States in August 1962. Variety ranked the film at #37 on the list of the top-grossing films of 1962.

The film was shot on location in Idyllwild, California and is noted for having a strong supporting cast. Most critics rate it as one of Elvis Presley's best performances.

The film is a remake of the 1937 original version starring Edward G. Robinson, Bette Davis, and Humphrey Bogart and directed by Michael Curtiz, who also directed the Elvis Presley 1958 film King Creole. UA had owned the original version at the time of the remake's release.

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